Stand Back with Your Christmas Returns

 Stand Back with Your Christmas Returns

Marina Y Sanchez
Freelance Columnist


Before I go any further, I need to reiterate that I am no etiquette nazi. I never understood the whole elbows on tables thing. I belch but I always say excuse me. And I never excuse my self from the dinner table even that one time at dinner with the queen.

What I don’t understand is how on the day after Christmas (not five days, not two but the day after!), the gift return line is around the corner!

Isn’t this a bit crude? Isn’t this a bit ungrateful?

What happened to the ole saying ‘It was the thought that counts’? Is that all it is now, just a thought that we can mindlessly skip over?

I have gotten some odd gifts in my time. Items that I would never buy for myself. Yet I could never stand in line to return them just because I didn’t like them. Besides, I NEVER HAD A GIFT RECEIPT!

I am just kidding. I assume it is the way I was raised. I never really received presents. So even now, when someone gives me one, it knocks the air out of me. To think that they were at some store and thought of me enough to buy a gift. That’s amazing. Buy me a damn mop and I would be ecstatic! (FYI: My mother did that already. No need to get me another one.)

So what if by your terms, you didn’t get the perfect gift?

Oh well, you ungrateful person! How can you think like that, especially if the gift is from a loved one who really thought they had found just the right present for you. 

However, it seems “perfectly acceptable” to return gifts nowadays. Even The Consumerist argues “returning a gift does not negate the spirit of the gift. The gift-giver should want the other person to be happy rather than forcing their own choice upon the recipient.

Really? Sounds like a way to make you feel better about your gift-returning self. 

So if your child opens a present from Uncle Harry and it is a box of toy golf clubs and balls, something your kid isn’t interested in, is it acceptable that he gets angry and proclaims he doesn’t want this toy? Basically, it’s what we are doing when we exchange or even cash out on the gift to get what we want. We are just showing a smudge more tact. Not a lot, just a smudge.

Especially in this time of year, I would think people would go out of their way to appreciate the gift giving season. Cause people, it’s not the gift that counts. It’s the thought behind it. No one has to buy you anything! Yet, when they choose to do that, that right there makes that gift amazing regards if its your style or not!

So hopefully for next time we will see more of this:

and less of this:

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6 Responses to Stand Back with Your Christmas Returns

  1. fnkybee says:

    So true. I will return things if: 1. they don’t fit-I have to return a pair of slippers for the husband, they are too small.
    Yep that’s about it.
    I got horrendous gifts last year from the mother-in-law. Seriously awful. She bought my daughter and I sequence hats, they look like sequence toboggans AND she got me a fur vest. Yes they were awful and Yes I could have returned them but I didn’t because they make great conversation. When the talk arises about gifts I tell whoever what I got and they usually don’t believe me so I break them out usually after a half a bottle of wine and it always makes for a good laugh.

  2. laura says:

    i always returned stuff i didnt like, then, used the money to get some food.

  3. thypolarlife says:

    I have always thought the same thing. i don’t think that I ever returned a gift. Honestly, is that weird.

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