No Longer Role Models, More Like Trained Chimps

 No Longer Role Models, More Like Trained Chimps

Marina Y Sanchez
Freelance Columnist

I am very annoyed with a few of the teen actresses and singers that are in the limelight. A lot of them don’t understand the power and how they affect real teens out there. And it’s not really so much that they aren’t good role models (because they aren’t!), but because they just seem like a waste of film, time and money.

Case in point Paris Hilton.  This girl was brought into a world of prestige, wealth and even power.  She became famous thanks to a sex tape. After that, she has just became a scandal-plagued socialite. And what is with the voice? She is trying this low wanna be sexy talk but really she just comes off as well .. stupid. I have nothing against her but she is the one who stated “I think I am a good role model.” Really Paris, really? You are given all the media in the world, a mic to speak and all you can say is, “That’s hot.”

Apparently dumb is the new cool. 

She has nothing, absolutely nothing important to say. If you are given a platform-Speak! Speak well, speak intelligently. Inspire! Manifest beliefs, ideas!  No there is not a role model bone is that petite body. And how could there be? DUI’s, parades of partying, even last year, Paris was under suspicion of cocaine possession.

Truth be told no one is jealous of Paris. It’s just a train speeding wildly out of control. And it’s only a matter of time before the party stops. Where is the self-respect? Where is the pride in one self? Millions are watching.

Miley Cyrus is another one.

Her problem is bad parenting in my book. Perfect example of letting the child make all the decisions. She obviously was the money-maker in the family basically becoming Disney’s property. However, it was expected that there would come a time where she would come into her own. Where was the guidance?

Miley has had her own separate house away from her parents. She wasn’t even 18-year-old yet. Her clothing has became more and more revealing. Pictures were found of her in suggestive positions and clothing at age 15!  No one pulled the plug.  So are we surprised that most recently pictured surfaced of Miley smoking with a bong? No surprise there.  And among that, rumors are circulating that she is pregnant. I pray not. However, if the show fits, am I right?

I feel a lot of it is pressure for these girls. They need to fit the bill of being pretty, sexy, popular. That’s what’s “in”. The end result is that it destroys these girls self-image of themselves. Look at Britney Spears, Jamie Spears and Lindsey Lohan. Life happened a little too fast for them. The pressure of the industry,  the paparazzi, pressure of sex, drugs. The more you fuel the fire the higher it will go. They no longer are role models if they ever were and are really more like puppets in the show.

In the end, it’s sad that people not only add to the fire but also waste no time in tearing them down.

All I can say is when it comes to our daughters ( mine, yours everyone here down on earth), we just want to hold them a little tighter. What’s out there is not all that great sometimes. However, mothers every where out there should feel they have a huge job to do.

Of all things, teach self-respect and self-love. If we believe that our girls deserve love and respect they will expect nothing less. Overall that will take care of ourselves mentally, emotionally and even physically. And when it’s time to let them go, then that alone will be enough.

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5 Responses to No Longer Role Models, More Like Trained Chimps

  1. laura says:

    i agree. si si and savannah are not allowed to listen to that crap when im around. bring on the beatles and radiohead!!!

  2. Thypolar says:

    I’ve never understood the fascination with Paris Hilton, to be honest. She became famous for what? Ok, so her family has money. Obviously it wasn’t enough money to provide her with a decent education because my dog is smarter that she is. She is definitely not someone I would consider a role model.

    Miley Cyrus is just a disappointment, overall. When she was younger, (12) use to love to watch her show and listen to her music. I was impressed that she hadn’t crumbled before the spotlight like a lot of the other ones had. I thought that her dad’s experience had helped with that. I obviously thought too soon. (12) doesn’t follow her show anymore or listen to her music. It’s funny because she stopped watching her on her own without me having to say anything. She had heard the bad publicity and just didn’t like her anymore.

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