Toddlers & Tiaras: Pageants from Hell?

Toddlers & Tiaras: Pageants from Hell?

Marina Y Sanchez
Freelance Columnist

I have been watching a lot of TV thanks to this past holiday vacation. There is a lot intriguing stuff that I have become addicted too. There is also a lot of crap.

Crap: to totally suck. The opposite of good; down right poopy.

One of the most disturbing shows on is TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras. 

 This show describes the  controversial world of child beauty pageants. It’s also the quest for sparkly crowns, big titles, and lots of cash.

The big titles are what children might win like Miss Georgia Spirit, and other destroying self-image titles. All contestants  participating in  pageants are usually hoping for the biggest prize like to win for instance a $1000 in cash. That kind of money is nothing to sneeze at, but when you spend $2000 on one dress, does it make a dent?

So this show has entered into the world of pageant contestants and their families as their children prepare for the pageant shows. Interestingly, the show airs without any narration in order to avoid passing judgment.

Sorry, judgment now will pass.

I would like to think the process for a parent entering their child into these pageants starts off somewhat noble. Parents think their child is the most beautiful ever. That’s normal.  They probably hear how they should enter their child in pageants. However, this show shows that it rarely ends in well.

It goes two ways. One the parents who once thought their child was the most beautiful begin to think that their child is not good enough or not trying.  They become obsessed spending countless money on expensive clothing, tanning, makeup, hair.

 And a lot of them think that they are doing this for the benefit of their kid.

Kelli, a mother of two twins daughters Scarlett and Isabella, stated, “Scarlett and Isabella really know how to compete in style.”

They are only 1-year-old! So that sentence should read, “I know how to compete Scarlett and Isabella in style.” Again, the delusional belief that somehow they are enjoying it. Yet it also shows the girls crying and not being cooperative. The mother is frustrated and goes home empty-handed. Hmm, maybe because they are babies?!?!

Another extreme example of a mother that went too far was the popular incident of Jeanie Alcalar. Texas Department of Family and Protective Services suspended her license for her day care center. It was odd because this happened shortly after the episode was aired showing Jeanie yanking her daughter off the floor as the girl cried that she didn’t want her hair done.

Parents are shown yelling, talking down, even mistreating their kids who don’t cooperate or don’t win.  

The other bad outcome of investing so much time into these pageants is that parents create spoiled brats or as they term it; Little Divas. In case anyone is confused, being a diva means throwing a tantrum.  One little diva was overheard saying, “If I don’t win this competition, I am going to trash the hotel room.”

Rock star? No. Four year old beauty contestant.

In another episode, six-year-old contestants twins BreAnne and AshLynn and their undermining mother display very typical behaviors on what goes on with the families involved.  

The mother soooo played favorites with BreAnne, who she thinks is the “prettiest” of her five daughters and “looks most like Mommy.” Later in the show, BreAnne was being a total brat, not listening, being arrogant and rude, but her mother still wanted her to be in the pageant. The dad finally carried her — screaming and crying — from the venue. The one you’ve got to worry about is poor AshLynn, the “big nose” twin, who is clearly going to become an emotional wreck if she doesn’t channel the feeling that she’s second banana — which her own mother reinforces.

I don’t get the objective here. To breed horrible children? To brain wash them to think that looks is the only thing important? That horrible behavior is acceptable?

All these children that compete are beautiful. However they look overdone like little grown us. Does anyone else find this a little creepy? And instead of making a child feel good about themselves they either destroy a child’s confidence or create a monster.

Thank you TLC for taking away innocence. Also, for giving pedophiles a show that they can watch. And shame on all the parents who forget that they are supposed to love and protect always and instead make their kids their money-maker!

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6 Responses to Toddlers & Tiaras: Pageants from Hell?

  1. Thypolar says:

    AMEN! I watched two episodes of this show back in the day but was disguisted and couldn’t continue. I could never imagine treating my kids this way or putting them through all of the shit. It doesn’t make them stronger people, it gives them a false sense of reality and damages their self image. Great post!

  2. laura says:

    I love this show. Ian and i watched an episode and laughed our asses off. Wait, this IS a comedy right?

  3. fnkybee says:

    Oh where to begin. I have never watched this show because the previews alone make me want to reach through the tv and drop kick some women in the teeth. How in the hell can this be right? How in the hell can this be a show? The moms on this show should be slapped. And their daughters are going to grow up to the girls that no one can stand in school. It’s just awful…awful I say!

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