Please Speak; Please Listen

Please Speak; Please Listen

Marina Y Sanchez
Freelance Columnist

Simone Back, 42 and living in Brighton, posted on her Facebook Wall a Christmas Day message:

“Took all my pills be dead soon so bye-bye every one.”

She had 1,048 friends. None of them called the authorities.

She took the pills. Simone Back died. Her body was found when her mother heard of the message and called the police. That was 17 hours the original post.

But Simone Back’s cry did solicit 48 comments.

One noted:

“She ODs all the time and she lies.”

Another wrote:

“Did you catch the part about Simone taking pills?? .. the ‘bye bye’ part?? Did anyone go by personally and check on Simone.. or call 999?? what’s wrong with you people??”

So. Should her threats have been taken seriously? Yes. But she was not helped.

In today’s world, people do not care to understand things like depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and  psychotic disorders. Automatically, its frowned upon and so it goes unnoticed and is ignored.

Earlier this month, a blogger that I read regularly (Her name is Lori) lost her husband. He suffered a psychotic breakdown and ended his own life leaving behind his loving wife and small children.  Her life is forever changed. I can’t imagine what she is going through. However, despite the pain she managed to speak out in her own way about the tragedy. Here is an excerpt from her speech at her husband’s funeral:

“Tony took care of everyone. All the time. He was so busy taking care of everyone else, he didn’t speak out when something was wrong.

 And this is what you can do for me, for Tony, when you leave here today. All you men, you big men. When you walk away from here, you speak. If something is wrong, if something hurts, then you talk about. Tony was so busy taking care of everyone else, he didn’t care take of himself. So after this, you speak.

I don’t know Lori personally but I can say this. She is right. The best thing you can do is speak up if something is not right.

And we that love you will listen.

We need to be tired of losing our loved ones because we aren’t aware and don’t understand. We need to be tired of our loved ones crying out in the darkness.

Get educated but above all listen.  In such a foggy world, grab the hand that reaches out to you.

1 in 4 people develops one or more mental illnesses at some stage of life. It could be your mother, father, husband, wife, brother, sister, or child. We need to stop the trendiness of chalking it up to some weakness. Only when we help each other are we strong.

Lets be strong … together. Alive together.

The worst thing is the world would be the permanent silence from the ones we love.


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5 Responses to Please Speak; Please Listen

  1. fnkybee says:

    That was a great post Marina with a solid meaning behind it. It’s true we all need to learn to speak up and most of all listen to others and their words. If we see or hear something fishy that just doesn’t sound right, we need to act. A life could be saved.

    • smarina77 says:

      As always thanks for reading!
      I was just so moved on all the stories of people who needed help who might have felt ashamed and didn’t say anything. How horrible that much feel? To not have a voice.
      And then there are those who spoke but no one listened.
      We all need to just start giving a crap. Even me!

  2. Thypolar says:

    Spectacularly moving post Marina. After working in the medical field for as long as I have, I have seen so many lives wasted because there was no one there to listen. Sometimes there really is no one, and other times the people only think that no one will care. It truly is sad. There are many medical disorders that masks themselevs as mental illness. Sometimes people know that there is something wrong with them and are too afraid to ask for help because they don’t want people they know to think they are crazy. Mental illness runs in my family so this post was personally touching to me. Thanks for sharing these stories.

  3. Laura says:

    I really liked this.

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