One Day to Appreciate it All

One Day to Appreciate it All

March 15, 2011
Marina Y Sanchez
Freelance Columnist

It is real easy to say, “Oh I feel for theJapanese. Thank God nothing like that happened here.”

Cause that’s what I have been doing. But after seeing all these videos…. I just want to get on my knees and thank SOMEONE that I was given another day to hold my children, kiss my husband, celebrate good times in our safe home, sleep in dry comfy bed.

Its easy to lose perspective. May we never do that again as long as we are reminded that life is short. Anything can happen at a moments notice. Take nothing for granted and tell all those you love how much you do.

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2 Responses to One Day to Appreciate it All

  1. Thypolar says:

    It is truly devastating. I’ve sat with the kids in awe while watching all tragedy on the news. There are no words to describe how we’ve felt other than appreciative of the fact that we are lucky to still have each other.

    We watched last night as a father was reunited with his daughter and a grandmother was reunited with her granddaughter after being separated for 2 days because of the tsunami. I can’t imagine how they must have felt and I truly hope that I never have to find out. Our thoughts are with Japan.

    • smarina77 says:

      I tried to explain to my little ones. I felt awful cause their worlds are still so perfect and innocent. They couldn’t wrap their minds what this was and how it happened. They were shocked.

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