Bullying: Now and Then

 Bullying: Now and Then

March 21, 2011
Marina Y Sanchez
Freelance Columnist

Everyone is weighing in on this video…

…so I figured I would too. Hundreds of people are commending the boy who fought back against his bully, praising him on YouTube, dedicating their Facebook pages to him. Others are simply shaking their head saying all this shows is violence begets violence.

I hate to be one of those of people who say “In my time” … but I have never seen it more appropriate than now.

You know back in the day a good one on one never hurt anyone. My father use to tell me that when someone had a problem with someone else, a good fist fight would always handle it. Even fix the problem completely. That is how he met some of good friends.

Nowadays, people wanna resort to an extreme using guns and knives. Which goes to my whole point. People have gotten so soft! And so sensitive.

I was bullied when I was a kid. Most kids were. But it didn’t stop til I stopped it and stood up for myself. In my own opinion, kids are not going to tell a teacher or a parent. They are going to go to the most extreme. They bring a gun to school.

Somehow we have  robbed our kids of confidence. They no longer stand up for themselves. And somehow we have given to some more power.

Times are different. However, we need to arm our kids with more than fists of fury. We need to arm them with self-confidence and belief in themselves.

There are going to be people out there that can take advantage of them. They need to know about that. They need to be prepared how they should go about the situation. And like anyone,  they should know how to defend themselves.

I remember being really young and crying to my mother that my sister hit me. She would tell me very matter of factly, “Go hit her back.”

My mother was not about violence. Simply that’s just how people were taught back in the day. If you hit someone, expect them to fire back. Not literally.

Now in the case of the young man who was being bullied. Do think the bully will try again? I bet not.

Bullying sucks. However, because times are so different we need to encourage them to tell someone if they are being bullied even if it’s not a parent. Tell a teacher or friend.  However, we need to teach our kids to stand tall and not let anyone push them around.

We need to remember that if we don’t instill good values of love, respect, and confidence we will  always have reoccurrences of these nightmare.

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5 Responses to Bullying: Now and Then

  1. fnkybee says:

    I love love love this. You are completely right on every level. First off kudos the kid being bullied for standing up for himself and fighting back. Society has become weak, resorting to the easy way out of everything, sadly this includes guns, knives etc. In school if there was a disagreement you met at the Red Bridge after school for a good ole fist fight. (I’m not encouraging fighting but this is how it was) The whole school it seems would go down there to watch the fight. They fought and it was over. Period.
    We have to instill the confidence in our kids to stand up for themselves and not to resort the whimpy way out. I wasn’t bullied by too many in school, I got along with everyone and not a whole lot had beef with me but some did. I always stood up for myself, I could run my mouth like no other and for some reason that always kept it from escalating into a fist fight. Main point is I stood up for myself. Kids have to learn how to do this because more times than not it can end it right there. Bullies go after the weak and if you show some backbone they most likely will back down.

  2. whatsaysyou says:

    I give my hats off to you for writing this piece and show that I am not the only one who is concerned towards the issue of bullying. Bullying has become worse in this day and age and it is just appalling to see how children can be so cruel to the point some of them use cyberspace and mobile phones to harass their victims. As a former victim of bullying, I can tell you that bullying sucks and it is high time that everyone needs to wake up and stop turning a blind eye on bullying anymore.

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