A Look Into a Cheating Website

 A Look Into a Cheating Website

March 30,2011
Marina Y Sanchez
Freelance Columnist

Have you heard of the website ashleymadison.com? It’s a website that allows married people to cheat. It’s like a dating site however the men and women that are on the database are all married, all looking for something other than their significant other.

Repulsed?  Well there is 8 million men and women that have signed up. Eight. Million!  MSN featured a writer that went under cover in the website to get answers from some of the married men who signed into the website.

The writer created a fake profile and responded only to the men that contacted her.  She said in her profile that she was married because apparently many of the men on the site don’t want the complications of seeing a single woman. They want an even trade. Your fidelity for mine.

Overnight she received 164 messages. A lot of the messages were clear what the men wanted. They had below the waist images, taglines insinuating their intentions (Alone at my house, and naked for you).

She goes onto report that There are the ones who just want to meet to have sex; you can tell because their handles are direct and uncomplicated whereas others are family men with secure good jobs.

She goes onto report of the several she encounters. Here is the link that way you can read in-depth of all her encounters with the married men.

One of the men had cheated before. Once the affair was over he needed something else to distract him. He felt he needed more. He believes he is just doing as nature intended. All the men say they can’t have sex the way they want to with their wives. Nor do they want, in some cases.   There are plenty of men who say they are happily married when what they really mean is they are bored. And they all seem to say they feel as if they are missing something.

Truthfully, these men and women are selfish for forgetting their family and the oath they took when they got married. If they wanna run around like singles people or they are not happy, they need to break it off with their spouses. Their spouses deserve someone who is willing to be faithful to them.

So are you checking his or her cell phone? Or emails? Don’t worry its normal. Yet not the right thing to do. This article can though be used to start a conversation.

Scott Haltzman, M.D., author of The Secrets of Happy Families said, “use this article as a starting point to talk about your fears and ways to keep things fresh,” he says.

Haltzman’s tip: Try something — anything — new together, regularly.

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7 Responses to A Look Into a Cheating Website

  1. ryoko861 says:

    There are some men that like the thrill of the cheat. The secretness of it all. The adrenaline shot of sneaking around.

    I love some of the justifications-“as nature intended” Are you kidding me??? Lame, baby, very lame!

    If you get married, you’re under oath. If you want better sex or happiness, seek counseling, find out what the problem is, or just end the marriage completely. I guess a bunch of them feel it’s cheaper to cheat (and hope they don’t get caught because the ramifications could get REALLY costly!)

  2. whatsaysyou says:

    Thanks for sharing and I have to say cheating on a spouse via cyberspace or not is never worth the heartache and drama. Cheating is selfish too.

  3. Thypolar says:

    First of all, I think its disgusting that a website like this was even developed and everyone with a profile (both men and women) are equally to blame. I have to give the reporter credit for doing the research though and I can’t believe that she came across a profile of a man that she actually knew. How completely crazy would that have been? Thanks for sharing. It made me tear up at a few points. I’m going to share it on facebook.

  4. This has my Latina blood boiling. I want to smack these people. Can’t talk about it anymore.


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