8 Years Old: A Common Criminal?

8 Years Old: A Common Criminal?

March 6th 2011
Marina Y Sanchez
Freelance Columnist


For one, its easy to be understanding with the mother. Your 8-year-old son is still a baby in your eyes. You sympathize because no one wants their child ill-treated and in trouble.

However, when a situation is so out of control, the school needs to call the police to defuse the situation, it’s more than warning signs that should go up.  It should be a  foghorn!

Why isn’t the mother called? Don’t they isolate the child when he is acting up to avoid injury to others? It sounds like the school has given up on the boy. I know I would want my child’s school to call me each time so I personally can handle the situation.

 What are your thoughts?

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1 Response to 8 Years Old: A Common Criminal?

  1. Thypolar says:

    I think that the only time force should be used on a child is if they are about to either hurt themselves or someone else. Period. No exceptions.

    I think that there are some kids nowadays that are completely out of control. I have considered myself thankful for the kids that I have but I openly wondered WTF is the matter with kids nowadays. I can’t figure out whether it’s the parenting, the environment, the food or what. What I do know is that kids would never act 50 years ago the way that they do now. What has changed?

    If my child were to attempt to hurt himself or another person, by all means whoop his ass and then call me afterward. I wouldn’t expect anyone to take a time out to inform me about it first. But if he isn’t hurting anyone and is only causing a scene, you better call me first so I can have a crack at him.

    Its human nature to want to protect and defend your children. You need to take action though when other people are the ones that need the protecting.

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