Freaky Art- Literally

Freaky Art- Literally

April 15, 2011
Marina Y Sanchez
Freelance Columnist

I cannot even begin to ponder the notion that vomit would be anything other than what it is … vomit, puke, upchuck.

Just painting the picture for you

 However, artists take unconventional to a new level with mediums of choice like vomit, human ashes & more.
See this nice picture?
Artist Millie Brown drinks milk dyed with food-coloring. Yep diiigguussting.
At a recent art show in London, Brown downed a whole bunch of milk dyed pretty colors, then stuck her fingers down her throat over a stretched canvas.  Two classical singers serenaded her throughout the performance. That; Price of this “Nexus Vomitus” painting? A cool $2,400. 
I could not do it!
If people call this art, they should have been around me each time I was pregnant. I painted every toilet I visited in a unique color. Where is my payment?
Moving On…
When it comes to our loved ones that have died, we wanna do everything we can to remember them when the choice is cremation.
scatter your loved one’s ashes at sea. You may want to preserve them in a beautiful urn. Or, you may want to give Florida artist Raven Collins a call. She listens carefully as family members talk about their deceased relatives, and then she studies photographs of those who have passed away. When she’s finally ready, she uses graphite pencils and a teaspoon of a subject’s human remains to create lifelike portraits for surviving family members.

 Take a look at this great picture.

 Nice right?

Talk about a work of art that would do Hugh Hefner proud. You’re looking at one of the many creations of Tim Patch, an artist who paints with his penis (did I just say … Yes I did. His penis) and goes by the stage name “Pricasso.” 

Yes this real.

Now don’t go thinking this amazing artist thing is confined to the realm of humans. Here, Cholla the painting horse creates a masterpiece at his owner Renee Chambers’ ranch in Reno, Nev. This photo was taken in October 2008; Cholla’s paintings went on to be exhibited in Italy.

If he becomes rich, I am seriously going to quit my job.

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1 Response to Freaky Art- Literally

  1. fnkybee says:

    The vomit painting and penis painting is just freaky weird!

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