The Day After Osama Bin Laden’s Death

 The Day After Osama Bin Laden’s Death

May 9, 2011
Marina Y Sanchez
Freelance Columnist

Thanks to Twitter I found out about Osama Bin Laden’s death. As soon as I read the tweet, I reconfirmed with turning the TV to the news stations. Yes, Osama had been killed.


Mine aren’t that important. I did nothing but tweet how happy the man who was responsible for the 9-11 tragedies was dead.  People over the internet rejoiced. People flocked to the nation’s capitol and the Ground Zero sight to celebrate.

Then the next day it came to my attention that people had a problem with the way people reacted. Someone said it angered them that “people were celebrating like its was the world series and their favorite team had just won.”

Some evil were appalled that we were such a haughty country. Haughty and ignorant. That we were no better than our enemies who celebrated when we were hurting.

Really? Do know what I find detestable? That another country planned for years how to infiltrate our system, they went over a plan that would kill innocent people in the air planes they would take over and the World Trade Center buildings they would take down.  Buildings that were full of mothers, fathers, children, sisters, brothers, grandparents. Then this country convinced its own people to kill us at all cost ever sacrificing themselves.

9-11 was one of the moments in history where you will forever remember where you were. It will be the moment you worried for people you knew and didn’t know. It will be the moment where your security and safety was jeopardized.

Then we went to war in search for the man responsible and all terrorists like him who promoted this radical idea that we were somehow the enemy.  And we lost millions of more lives.

In 2001 I was in high school. In 2011 I am a married woman with kids. Yes it was long over due! However, I celebrated the way that I could and I didn’t question anyone else’s because we all were affected by this. And we all suffered in some way or another.

To take away someone else’s belief and feeling is stupid. To question it is also stupid.

I would never question the widow whose husband was on one of those hijacked planes. Or the army wife whose husband died in Iraq trying to stop terrorists.  What higher standard of life are you trying to communicate?

The higher standard of life I am trying to communicate is one where my children know that we live in a hopeful and wonderful country. A country that believes so much in the idea of freedom that we are willing to fight for that freedom. That way they can be a doctor, a wiccan, lawyer, a catholic, a teacher, a democrat. Whatever.

Sometimes we have to go to war and sometimes we have to do what is absolutely necessary to protect ourselves. However, rejoicing for a horrible man with horrible views on life toward his fellow-man, women, children and even in life in general that was killed should not be pitied. In fact, we should be able to stand in line and throw stones at the bastard!

So everyone who disagreed with the reactions of the those celebrating out loud,  I feel sorry for you. It must be hard to walk with that giant stick up your ass.

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