People I WIll Be Thinking About on May 22 … after The Rapture Doesn’t Show

People I WIll Be Thinking About on May 22 … after The Rapture Doesn’t Show

May 20, 2011
Marina Y Sanchez
Freelance Columnist

Have you see this sign?

I don’t know how it even got here in my area since this is a predominantly Catholic area. That’s not important. It’s the fact that people are scaring the bejezus out of regular people like me. Not that I actually believe in the so-called Rapture or the fact that it could possibly be the end of the world tomorrow around 6ish.

What bothers me is the after math… you know when I wake up Sunday morning after suffering the worst pagan headache hangover known to man and find that the world is just the same as it always was.

And all the people who preached, scolded you, tried to drag you to church, wasted all their time at church, and even their life savings in believing something so outlandish. Those nut jobs might freak the heck out! Where is the bomb shelter for that disaster?

How do you think this NYC man is gonna feel?

This 60-year-old  man is so sure the world will end on May 21, he has spent his retirement savings to warn people about it. He spent $140,000 for an ad campaign for signs on subway cars and bus shelters around the city reading “Global Earthquake! The Greatest Ever – Judgment Day: May 21.”

I want to smack myself!

Do you think Harold Camping will go into hiding? He is the one making the crazy prediction of the second coming!!!

Hell yeah its bewildering!

Notice how they got all hungry when destruction and death is described!

I feel bad for the young couple. They left their jobs!!!

It bothers me that people can believe in something so much…. so much. How will they handle this when it doesn’t happen?

These people are scaring me more than the actual message!


I am now calling all these people doomtards!



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6 Responses to People I WIll Be Thinking About on May 22 … after The Rapture Doesn’t Show

  1. fnkybee says:

    Oh for the love of the Crazy People! Where do I begin??
    1st video~Every person in that room looks like they are nuts. You can see it in their eyes. I honestly can’t believe people believe this crap. Perfect example of brain washing. What disturbs me is the kids involved who are being brain washed by their parents and these crazy nuts. They are the innocent bystanders in this spectacle.
    Perfect example of brainwashing of people that are too weak to think for themselves.
    Dude says he studied every scientific piece of info. Really? Did you you dumbass? I want to be there personally to laugh in his broke ass face on Saturday. Then I will ask him what the crap he is going to do since he spent all of his money on this shit.
    I hope all these people do disappear tomorrow because the world will be a bit more saner with them gone. Dumb shit ass bags.
    These people are complete idiots or as you say Doomtards!

  2. Ann says:

    First of all, I don’t believe in this crap. Second of all, tomorrow is my b-day – so I’m hoping that I get to enjoy dinner and a piece of b-day cake before the world ends! Thirdly, how can the world end on my b-day? This is not possible. These people have lost what little minds they had to begin with 😀

    • smarina77 says:

      Whoa your birthday is tomorrow.. yikes!
      So in reality.. you are the reason for the destruction!! Take her Jesus Take Ann!! Just Kidding.
      Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a the best birthday ever even if it might be your last!
      Eat three pieces of cake!!

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