We Can Never Thank Teachers Enough

We Can Never Thank Teachers Enough

June 3 2011
Marina Sanchez
Freelance Columnist

We say almost daily how we appreciate teachers. We remember the ones that touched us in our school days and cherish the ones in our teachers’ lives.

However, when one goes above and beyond all with just the very concern of her students in mind, you begin to wonder that perhaps knowing a teacher is truly a wonderful gift.

As I have made you aware, many areas in Mexico are under civil war. Rural areas, suburban areas, are all no stranger to the sounds of gun fire.

On May 27, 2011, a gun battle between police and drug dealers (I believe) began right near a school. The children in the school clearly could hear the shots being fired. In one kinder class, the teacher took action. She had all her small children lay face down and calmly instructed them to lay there.

When you could no longer ignore the gun shots, she began to sing a Barney song to them to distract them. The children were scared and she sang even louder than the gun shots.


To all teachers who have and continuously put their children first. I thank you. You truly embody the human spirit.



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