Polticians Who “Thought” They Knew It All

Polticians Who “Thought” They Knew It All

June 8, 2011
Marina Y Sanchez
Freelance Columnist

With all the media surrounding Democrat Anthony Weiner, you would wonder why politicians feel they can get away with scandal.

Despite his initial claim that his Twitter account had been hacked, Rep. Anthony Weiner

has admitted to tweeting lewd photos of himself to women he met online. The congressman also said he had inappropriate online relationships with at least six women. Of course, he’s not the first politician to change his story when faced with the truth.

Of course it’s not the first time!

Let’s take a quick down memory lane to remind you … to stop you from lying and getting everything blown up in your face the next day!

Former Nevada Republican Sen. John Ensign announced his resignation last month amid a Senate Ethics Committee investigation. Why?

 It’s all due to his admission of an extramarital affair that turned into something of a saga, with his aides accusing the husband of his former mistress of trying to weasel money from the once-rising GOP star.

It was also reported that Ensign’s parents paid his mistress close to $100,000 in severance.

Next on the list is Eric Massa. The former Democratic U.S. congressman  blamed his resignation on declining health amid sexual misconduct allegations.

What sexual misconduct? Massa first said his resignation was for health reasons. He took the blame for using “salty language.” Then he shifted his story  suggesting  that he was being forced out of Congress as part of a “setup” involving the White House. Eventually it became clear. Massa had been under investigation for allegations he groped multiple male staffers in “a pattern of … physical harassment,” according to a Washington Post report.

Finally, Good Ole Bill Clinton. He was our President for goodness sake. Clinton became the second president to be impeached when he was accused of lying about an affair with an intern during a sexual harassment lawsuit. After denying, evidence proved otherwise.

There are so many examples to be referenced. Yet the question remains. Why are these political leaders lying? If they get caught doing anything inappropiate, they need to just own up too. They just look fools when the truth comes out. Because folks, it always comes out.

However, lets not stop there. You don’t have to lie. No, you don’t even have to go there! Why? Simply by not cheating on your spouse and respecting other people. It’s as simple as that. Save your self from the humiliation and don’t do anything bad at all.

It’s bad enough that these politicians wanna get up on a podium and tell us how to live our lives when they don’t even follow the basic fundamentals themselves.


If you’re in the public eye, wouldn’t that make sense?


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2 Responses to Polticians Who “Thought” They Knew It All

  1. firecracker3 says:

    Power is intoxicating to what is already an alpha male mindset. It is almost as if they are hardwired for this behavior.

    • smarina77 says:

      Brilliantly said.
      I just feel that if you can’t control yourself. Don’t run for any office. Its annoying finding out people we get to represent us can’t keep it in their pants. They want to give the mirage that they are somewhat better than us thus running for office.

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