Why I Like Teen Mom & 16 & Pregnant


Why I Like Teen Mom & 16 & Pregnant

June 15, 2011
Marina Y Sanchez
Freelance Columnist

As you scan through your tv channel, you will notice the array of reality shows that are out there. Shows that are about finding love, different types of jobs, to the lives of rich spoiled house wives.  For the most part, these type of reality shows are purely for entertainment.

I think many people thought that about 16 Pregnant and it’s spin-off Teen Mom. That it was more of sick entertainment. However, I saw one episode I was hooked.

It is entertaining. I am not going to lie.However there is nothing that suggests girls should have babies at a young age.

These young girls with their boyfriends get pregnant still in high school and they have no idea (no idea) what is in store for them.

Some of these young girls are not stable to begin with. One young girl lived with her boyfriend and his parents because her mother was not there for. 

None of these kids understand that their feelings for their partner will change. They will eventually spilt up. And their good intentions of starting a family go out the door. When a young couple gets pregnant, the truth is the sole responsibility of the baby falls on the mother.


And most of these young dads cave under the pressure of having a baby whether it’s getting a job, the responsibility of a baby, or even just handling the emotions of their girl friends.  

These young girls cry, ball, and beg to go home when they are in labor. You don’t realize it but when you are old enough and responsible enough to have a baby, even child-birth becomes part of the process. I am not saying it isn’t painful but its part of the journey and the memories.

Reality doesn’t hit until the baby is finally home. Reality doesn’t hit until there is no time for sleep, school work or even hanging with friends. It all becomes replaced by one single baby .

I think this show displays this beautifully. It is raw, tough, and you see the ugly. You see the struggle, the pain, and even the sadness.

These kids struggle with just trying to graduate, with just trying to buy pampers, with working, with just being tired. And by themselves alone.

This clip tears me up.


So in reality, this show should be a warning. It should teach girls not make these type of decisions that they are not ready for. It breaks my heart when I see these girls and boys in these situations. And there is not an episode that I am not moved to tears.

This is a serious problem and there needs to be awareness of young girls choices. Abstinence needs to be taught and encouraged. Parents need to step in and ask and be available to talk.  Only then can people see that this isn’t promoting teen pregnancy but bringing awareness to a real issue.

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2 Responses to Why I Like Teen Mom & 16 & Pregnant

  1. firecracker3 says:

    I like the show for the same reasons you listed. Everyone, no matter the age, need a reality check every so often and the younger you can start them on this process, not shielding them from life, the better.

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